Collections Management includes an array of services tailored to caring for art collections, historically referred as "curatorial" services. Curators have provided a special service to collections for centuries. Todays curators are quite different than the traditional role; FifthFloor aims to bring back the tradition of curatorial services through managing valued contemporary and historical art collections.

Art Consulting

Knowledge is key, let us guide you through the vastness of the art world and help to narrow your search by educating your purchasing process. FifthFloor offers one-on-one art consulting services to ensure you acquire the works that have the best potential to increase your investment. We can offer assistance locating a desired piece or determine the tone of your collection from the ground up.

Obtaining Art Reports for insurance, portfolio, and inventory management.

Digital Inventory Cataloging - FifthFloor provides artwork profiles, a photograph of each work (coincides with our documentation services), a digital back up of photographic files, and other crucial inventory details such as year, medium, dimensions, title, and more.

Condition Reports -
Condition reports can be a long, difficult and sometimes confusing process. FifthFloor offers a comprehensive condition report.

Installation & Art Rotation

Installation & Art Rotation- We  help our clients make the most of their collection, by enjoying it! We're happy to install your collection by following industry standards so while your art is being enjoyed, at the same time we install using a  safe practice.

Shipments & Art Loans

Shipment & Loans- As a collector you understand and value your arts historical & contemporary context. If a work within your collection is request to be included in a retrospective or other exhibition we can provide you with the assistance  in making the loan happen, ensuring your work is safe and secure.

Collection Care- We are here for any questions, concerns, or guidance you may need regarding your collection.

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The ultimate dynamic duo. Our expertise and formal training perfectly complement each-others knowledge and skillsets.

Whatever your Collection needs, we got you covered.

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